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Power lithium ion battery market

It is reported that China's lithium ion battery production in 2013 amounted to 337 billion kwh, an increase of 14%; sales income of more than 650 billion yuan, an increase of 5%. Among them, the power type lithium ion battery market grew by 4000000000, sales revenue reached 30% yuan.

In addition, according to the China Automobile Industry Association is not complete statistics, in 2014 a quarter of China's new energy automobile production 6651, an increase of 1.2 times over the same period last year, of which: 4024 pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid 2627. Sales of new energy vehicles 6853, an increase of 1.2 times over the same period last year, of which: 4095 pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid 2758. Production and marketing are relatively rapid growth over the same period last year.

Application: need reliable battery management system in the new energy electric vehicles (BMS) technology escort

It is understood that lithium ion batteries in recent years in the new energy electric vehicles are increasingly valued, the market share has been rising. But reporter survey found that the current China's core production technology in lithium ion batteries are still lagging behind many of Japan and South korea. Recently, the reporter on a forum with a number of lithium battery industry exchange found that China's lithium-ion battery materials, formulations, production equipment, technology and other aspects of the more progress space, these four aspects are the main factors to determine the final performance of lithium batteries.

In terms of lithium ion battery, the existing technology has basically solved the problem of safety and life. But once the battery is involved, there will be a short board exposed to the production process of lithium batteries. "This is the problem of the consistency of lithium batteries." The technical person in charge of a well-known domestic passenger car production enterprises told reporters, even the same as a lithium battery manufacturers use the same material, formula, process, and its same batch of single battery will also exist performance differences, sometimes different batches of product differentiation is also obvious. The performance and service life of the battery pack will be affected by the difference in the performance of the battery pack."

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