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New regulations for civil aviation carrying lithium batteries

Civil Aviation Administration had issued the notice on strengthening the safety of lithium batteries in passenger baggage, the provisions of lithium battery products can not be checked, and can only carry, and lithium metal batteries, lithium content shall not exceed 2 grams, lithium ion battery rated energy value shall not exceed 100wh (watt hours), standby battery is limited to 2 block. More than 100wh but not more than 160wh, after approval by the airline can carry, more than 160wh of lithium batteries are prohibited to carry.

So, how to calculate the charge treasure rated energy? Charging treasure rated energy (WH) = rated voltage (V) x rated capacity (MAH) /1000 or ah x wh=v, for example, according to the formula, 20000 Ma charging treasure at the voltage of 4 volts, the rated energy value of 20000 =80 w h, less than 100 W H, fu. When the public to buy rechargeable treasure can be calculated on the basis of the above formula to buy the charging treasure can carry on the plane.

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