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Is there any loss of the battery?

Smart phones, tablet PCs, smart wearable devices, such as mobile digital terminals can be said to be in every corner of our lives. Browse news, social networking sites, chat tools, people all the time playing with the hands of electronic devices. In 苹果, for example, when the 3G network to open the Internet, its battery is also the top 3 hours. For now, the digital products that we use are basically difficult to meet people's daily needs. Thus, the mobile power is born, the household mobile power to carry, power cable connection is not loose.

More and more users begin to use the mobile power supply, the production of mobile power manufacturers more and more. However, but it has a mobile power supply for the battery damage, casually search related content on the Baidu, there are many questions about the mobile power on the battery damage. For example, the battery life is poor, the battery can not be stored. Mobile power equipment compared to the mobile phone battery, power is greater, and support equipment, the use of flexible, it can be described as a variety of points in a body. So, we use the mobile power to charge in the end will not be a cell phone or a tablet caused great loss?

We use electronic products, the loss of a battery can be said to be a very normal phenomenon. Generally, when Ma or mAh to express, this capacity is related to the use of the battery, but this capacity is only the theoretical value of the maximum capacity of the battery, with the use of the battery, the actual capacity will gradually narrow, and the capacity of this part of the capacity is reduced. For mobile devices that use a longer period of time, the loss of the battery can be said to be inevitable.

In the ideal lithium battery, the capacity balance in the cycle is not changed, the initial capacity of each cycle is a certain value, but the theory is different from the reality. So the reason for the loss of the battery is many, in addition to the number of charge discharge, but also includes the battery itself, the quality of the charger, high temperature or low temperature environment, power load, over charge and discharge, long-term use of batteries and so on.

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