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NIMH 2-3AA800mAh 1.2V
NIMH 2-3AA800mAh
NIMH 2-3AA800mAh

2/3AA800mAh 1.2V Ni-MH parameter description:

Combined mode: single branch

Nominal voltage: 1.2V

Nominal capacity: 800mAh

Standard charge: 80mA (0.1C) x 16hrs

Fast charge: 400mA (0.5C) x 2.2hrs

Standard discharge current: 160mA (0.2C)

Maximum discharge current: 800mA (1C)

Working temperature: 0~45

Discharge: 0~60

Product size: MAX diameter: 14.5*H33mm

Product: resistance is less than or equal to 50m.

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