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    Has a number of years engaged in R & D, manufacturing, sales and power application program of engineering and technical personnel, rich experience in the application of power supply.
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    Can be used in industrial and medical treatment, as well as intelligent and aerospace power and other industries, many years of practical experience;
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    Continuously improve the quality control and continuous improvement of quality. Product quality can be a major guarantee;
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    A strong production base, as well as service outlets, to provide customers with nanny type of after-sales service, professional quality and sales network guarantee,
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Dongguan Hoppt Battery Technology Co. Ltd.

  Dongguan Haobo Battery Technology Co., Ltd., located in Dongguan Goldman Sachs Technology Park is a collection of a battery, secondary lithium ion battery, Ni Cd & amp; autonomy of nickel metal hydride batteries, lead-acid battery research Hair, sales as one of the technical enterprises. Since its inception, the company has always been to serve the global mobile power / standby power / energy storage power users, has been committed to become the world's leading power applications and product service providers...< 详细 >


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Lithium battery has been full of the size of our lives in the corner, a small cell phone, flashlight, toy car, etc., playing with the instrument and meter battery, car starting backup power, portable medical equipment, batteries, etc.[ Details ]

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